College Profile

College Profile

SRD Modi College for Women is managed by SRD Modi Vidya Niketan Society. Kota it is and oldest & introductory private college in HADOTI Region. College is to nurture & formed the students community for their overall personality development & give them profound knowledge regarding their value, culture & Skills.

A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at SRD Modi College for Women in its various departments.

“Knowledge is to wisdom as success is to greatness”

Academics par excellence:-
1. SRD Modi College For Women College offers education to students right from Under Graduate to Post Graduate.
2. We follow the Hindi/English curriculum in our College.
3. Key exams includes according to University of Kota, Kota.
4. An appropriate teacher – student ratio of 1:30 ensures individual attention to the students.
5. SRD has Dedicated and well qualified staff.
6. Students progress is continuously monitored in scholastic and co-scholastic areas through continuous assessment and periodic evaluation.
7. Career counseling and remedial classes form an integral part of college academic program.
8. Our Academic program lay emphasis on holistic perception and critical thinking integrative with intuitive decision making as essential components in the process of learning.
9. We aim at developing an all round individual who is strong enough to sustain and is creative enough to foster the needs of the society.

We encourage all students to connect with our college; stand against any kind of misbehavior, vandalism, and to anything you know is not appropriate. Remind yourself you do not have to be a part of the crowd, make your own individuality. Even when no one is watching, do the right thing. Parents, please help us by reinforcing college expectations at home. With your help, SRD Modi College For Women College will continue to be a college community in which every person feels respected, valued, and is encouraged and challenged to achieve at the highest Goal.